How to use?
    * Active by Smart Phone
    - iOS (iPhone) : Setting > Cellular > Cellular Data 'ON' > Data Roaming 'ON'
    - Android (SAMSUNG) : Setting > More Networks > Mobile Networks > Data Roaming 'ON'
    * Call the number in the country share you visit
    - Local call ( From PDF file )
    * Call to LAOS
    - Press +856 > 20(Mobile) > Number > Call
    - Press +856 > 21(PSTN) > Number > Call
    - Press +856 > 30(Winphone) > Number > Call
    * Call Center
    - Press +856-21-555555 > Call
    Download PDF file
    International Roaming Service: IR
    - International Roaming Service (IR) is a service available for monthly post-paid customers. The service allows customers to use their phones abroad in countries where IR services are offered or a service contract with Lao Telecom is in place.

    Application registration
    - Customers may apply at any of Lao Telecom’s Customer Service Centers throughout the country.
    - No application fee is charged.
    - Customers need only apply once for IR service to enjoy international roaming during their trips abroad.
    - IR service can be temporarily halted and reinstated at no cost.

    Additional Conditions
    * At time of registration, original documents must be shown to service representatives.
    - For registration in a province, the client has to provide documents to certify that the client resides in that province such as:
    - Clients living in Vientiane Capital who would like to register the service in Vientiane Capital, but whose household registration and ID card were issued by Phongsaly province will need to bring a residential certificate that is no more than 3 months old, from the village where the person is now a resident in Vientiane Capital, for the registration.
    - For clients applying to register a service at an address different from that shown on their household registration book and ID documents, but still within the same province, such documents will be considered valid and sufficient.